“Oh S–t!” Watching Khloe Kardashian Laugh Her Way Through a Chiropractor Adjustment Will Make Your Day

What’s so funny?

Though Kendall Jenner would probably beg to differ, her sister appears to be getting a huge kick out of what looks—and sounds—like a seriously intense chiropractic session in this bonus clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians‘ last season.

“Are you prepared?” chiropractor Stephen Jochen (Kim Kardashian‘s recommendation) checks in with Khloe Kardashian, who’s mentally preparing for her at-home, full-body “adjustment” while a wide-eyed Kendall watches from nearby. “Have you seen her get adjusted before?” he asks the model.

“I mean, I could imagine,” says Kendall. “Does she laugh a lot?”

“A lot. Like hysterically,” Stephen replies. And he’s not joking, either.

The chiropractic realignment begins and right on cue, Khloe breaks into an uproarious fit of laughter (accompanied by an “oh, s–t” or two, because she’s still human) that escalates with each resounding crack.

“OK, we’re getting some work done,” chuckles the practitioner, before yanking his patient’s ankle so hard she covers her face…and proceeds to laugh even harder.

“This is wild,” notes Kendall, and she’s not wrong.

Hear the cracks and crack-ups for yourself in the clip above!

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